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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I set up a new account?
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Setting up a new account with The Specialists Ltd is very simple to do. Simply head over to the Forms Page and fill out the "New Project Form" and the "Credit Card Authorization Form". The final document that we require is a Certificate of Liability Insurance that lists The Specialists Ltd as additionally insured. Once these documents are submitted and reviewed, you will be able to begin renting items from our vast inventory as well as take advantage of our new fabrication department! Please note, setting up an online account is not the same as a rental account.
Can I buy items from your website?
Almost all of our props are for rental only however some items are for sale. Our blank-firing weapons are strictly rental-only items. Feel free to inquire about particular items that interest you.
What kind of paperwork and/or permits do I need to rent items in your inventory?
Depending on what type of props will be rented there will be slightly different procedures. For most of our inventory, the items listed under "How do I set up a new account" will suffice. For all blank-firing weapons, the person who picks up the items are required to complete and sign a Firearms Transaction Record (4473 Form) and will be screened by telephone through the FBI National Instant Criminal computer check system (NICS). This process takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes. Additionally, for blank-firing rifles and/or shotguns, a New York City theatrical long-gun permit is required. In order to apply for one of these please visit our Customer Service page.
What sort of insurance do I need for renting props?
The insurance certificate that lists The Specialists LTD. as additionally insured should cover any replacement, damage, and/or expenses for the props as well as any injuries which may arise. Depending on the project and the props used the coverage will vary, however, $1 million is standard.
Can I rent weapons on a daily basis instead of weekly?
Currently, all rentals are done on a weekly basis.

Replicas and Non-Guns:

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Is a Non-Gun a firearm that is subject to permits and/or regulations?
No. Non-Guns are treated exactly like replica weapons. Non-guns do not chamber bullets or cartridges, do not have moving parts (other than the trigger) and do not eject casings.
Can I get a replica revolver or rifle that can chamber a dummy round?
Very few replica models have the capability to do such an operation however we do have options available.
What materials are your replicas made from?
Replicas can be made from a variety of materials including rubber, resin, plastic, wood or metal.

Blank-Firing Guns:

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What is a blank-firing firearm?
Almost all our blank-firing firearms started off as actual, live-firing weapons - which we have modified to fire ONLY blank cartridges. These blank cartridges are used to produce a muzzle flash and "bang" which is comparable to a live firearm while not launching a projectile. Note: All of our firearms are strictly regulated by the City of New York, NYPD and by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.
We are doing a suicide scene. Can an actor stick a gun in their mouth and fire it?
No. Under no circumstances should an actor ever fire a gun in their mouth. Call our offices for consultation when conducting a scene involving ANY close-proximity shooting.
We are unfamiliar with firearms and need an armorer/consultant on set, do you provide these services?
The Specialists Ltd has been providing on-set consultation and armorer services for over 35 years. We are more than happy to provide a project with the added safety and experience of trained armorers. To schedule an armorer please call our office.

Other Weapons and Props:

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Are all your edged weapons (swords, spears, etc) battle-ready and capable of being clashed together during a fight scene?
If an edged weapon is going to be used in any fashion other than for visual purposes, you must let us know before renting these items. Some weapons may break or be severely damaged by making contact with other materials. Please consult us for information regarding the proper usage of these it.
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