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Prop-Rental Checklist Feel free to print this form out and use it as a general guideline for renting equipment from our inventory.

New Project Form This form is to be used by any customer looking to start a new project or open up a new account. Fill out as much information as possible as it will expedite the creation of your account.

Credit Card Authorization Form Please download and print this form to use as the security deposit for your project. The information provided will not be used unless damages or late fees need to be assessed. You may also use this form if you wish to pay using a credit card that you (the card holder) cannot physically bring to our store.

Sample Insurance Certificate This is a SAMPLE insurance form to be used as a guide for acquiring the certificate of insurance that lists Weapons Specialists as additionally insured.

NYPD Special Theatrical Long Arm Permit This pdf document lists the contact information and requirements for obtaining a New York Special Theatrical Rifle Shotgun End User Permit (the permit required in New York to rent and use rifles and shotguns in theatrical productions).

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